Don’t miss the chance of introducing your kids to a technology that is taught in the most fun and engaging way! If your children see self-driving cars or robots on Mars and get excited, here is a chance to channel their enthusiasm into something productive and meaningful for their future!

Your child will learn how to build and program robots with the best Robotics curriculum: LEGO® bricks and software. They will develop new skills, make new friends and will love it.

Another huge benefit of Robotics classes is that it encourages your child to excel at math and science.

In our Robotics courses, kids learn through an extensive, project­-based curriculum. Our curriculum supports NGSS standards through STEM learning and is taught by instructors following ISTE teaching standards.  Our students are trained by brilliant instructors and mentors who have a passion for education with a sense of fun.

Do you participate in Robotics competitions? And when do the classes start?

Yes, we participate in Robotics competitions with our teams. We operate all year through Summer Camps and year-round after-school programs.

Main ingredients of our Robotics program

AN AWESOME CURRICULUM: We start with LEGO WeDo and MINDSTORMS curriculum and ­expand on it with inspiring projects. In our classes, kids are problem-solvers and designers who create awesome robots, not just assemble kits.

CODING AS IN REAL LIFE: Kids code their robots and command them to execute planned tasks.

FUN: It’s a lot of fun. Kids engage in robot design, compete in team challenges, play games, and make new friends.


Why you should enroll your children in our Robotics courses

Inspiration towards STEM studies and fields: While your little engineer child creates robots, s/he will learn crucial STEM skills and will be inspired towards fun and well-paying careers.

Hands-on Learning: Students build robots, program them, race them and play with them. It’s a fun hands-on learning environment.

Analytical and Problem Solving Skills: Your child will participate in challenging and brain-stimulating activities that opens the gates for them to engineering at a very early age.

Team-Building and Communication Skills: As a part of a functional group of young engineers, your child will acquire and practice fundamental skills that will be necessary for success in their careers and lives.


We do not limit students by grade level. If a student in 4th grade is advanced enough to take a class with 11th graders, we place that student in the appropriate course.

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Early Registration: February 28, 2018
Regular Registration: May 7, 2018
Late Registration: One week before the camp starts

Tuition starts at $785. Please see the table below and check individual courses for the tuition.

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