Have your kids build from scratch:

  • A self-driving car
  • A NASA Rover
  • An electronic guitar
  • A smart home alarm system
  • An earthquake machine

and learn electrical circuits.

In this course, students will learn how electrical circuits work and build amazing products by using simple elements. They will learn how to draw an electrical circuit diagram using the correct terminology.  They will build a variety of circuits and explain how they work.

Isn’t it hard for a young child to understand Electrical circuits, to connect wires, soldier components, etc.?

We make electronics easy to learn and enable them to design amazing products for kids. We use small circuit boards with specific functions built to snap together with magnets without soldering, wiring, or programming. Each bit has its own specific function, such as light, sound, sensors, or buttons.


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Early Registration: February 28, 2018
Regular Registration: May 7, 2018
Late Registration: One week before the camp starts

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