Math Olympiad Courses

Specially Designed for Advanced Students 

Students with a passion for math come together to learn advanced and university-level material in Number Theory, Algebra, Combinatorics,  and Geometry. Over the course of the program, students develop problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills, and logical reasoning through problem solving sessions, games, competitions and puzzles. CyberMath’s material are composed of unique proprietary blends of problems hand picked from prestigious competitions around the globe. Students have to work extra hard to produce a solution for each and every one of these problems.

Our instructors teach proven techniques to attack, dissect and solve each problem and explain these brilliant methods step by step ensuring every student successfully grasps the ideas and the implementation methods.


We do not charge for placement tests or meetings. If you would like to discuss your child’s placement, please do not hesitate to give us a call or email us at

Winter and Summer Camps

In CyberMath Camps, participants attend classes six hours per day. Tests and competitions are organized weekly, and students have fun competing in teams against their peers.


For Math Olympiad courses (AIME, USAMO): We use different materials in alternating years. A student can take a course for 2 years without repetition.

We do not limit students by grade level. If a student in 4th grade is advanced enough to take a class with 11th graders, we place that student in the appropriate course.

Olympiad Preparation Courses

We cover those topics with hand-picked problems from nationwide and international Math Olympiads.

Does It Really Help With My College Admissions?

Proof? Look at the application forms to MIT and Caltech. They are asking for your scores in two competitions: AMC 10/12 and AIME.


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Early Registration: February 28, 2018
Regular Registration: May 7, 2018
Late Registration: One week before the camp starts

For Day Students:
Tuition starts at $910. Please see the table below and check individual courses for the tuition.

For Residential Students at our Boston Camp:

Regular Registration Tuition: $4,700
Early Registration Tuition: $4,450
Late Registration Tuition: $4,950

Residential Tuition covers classes & activities, accommodation, meals and in-camp transportation.

You can save up to $250 by registering early!

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* For information on summer camps other than course descriptions and registration, please visit our Summer Camps Page and click on the tab that corresponds to the location you would like to attend!

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CourseLocation and TermCourse NameSummaryTuitionRegisterprice_hsort
Advanced AIME with Proofs - Boston, MA

This course prepares students for AIME competitions. The AIME is a 15 question, 3 hour examination with questions much more difficult than AMC 10 and 12. As with the AMC ...